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Zamosc Poland Town Hall 1982
Lublin Poland The Salon of Art 1983
Krakow Poland The Salon of Art 1984
Zamosc Poland Amfiteatr 1986
Dusseldorf Germany St Maximilian's Church 1987
Haan-Hohdal Germany Otto Lifering Museum 1987
Solingen Germany St. Lukas-klinik 1988
Leichlingen Germany Architect Gallery 1988
Haan-Hohdal Germany Studio A Gallery 1988
Haan-Gruiten Germany Haus am Quall Gallery 1988
Dusseldorf Germany Sound Hall 1989
Duisburg Germany Theatre 1990
Koln Germany Crowna Plaza Gallery 1990
Konigstein Germany Stefański Gallery 1990
Koln Germany Ignis 1990
Dusseldorf Germany Taoka Gallery 1991
Koln Germany The Embassy of Poland 1991
Essen Germany IBM 1991
Wien Austria Bon Ton Gallery 1993
Erhrath Germany Rosenhof 1994
Lublin Poland Town Hall 1994
Zamosc Poland Town Hall UNESCO 1994
Bielsko Biala Poland Polish Theatre 1994
Lublin Poland Town Hall 1995
Wroclaw Poland Opera 1995
Katowice Poland The Silesia Museum 1995
Kraków Poland The Philharmonics 1995
Bilgoraj Poland Town Hall 1996
Szczecin Poland The Philharmonics 1996
Łodz Poland The Great Theatre 1997
Lunteren Holland Lunteren Gallery 1997
Diessen Germany Augustinnum Theatre 1998
Wien Austria Art Gallery Meduna 1998
Lublin Poland The Philharmonics 1999
Warsaw Poland Holliay-Inn 2002
Nadrzecze Poland Foundation "Kresy" 2004
New York USA Agora Gallery 2005
New York USA EuropaClub 2006
New York USA Dance & Arts Innovations 2007
Paris France La ville de Gif sur Yvette 2008
Lublin Poland Lublin Ratusz 2010
Warsaw Poland Unitra 2010
Warsaw Poland Krajowa Izba Gospodarcza 2011
Zwierzniec Poland Roztocze Centre for Science and Educational 2011
St. Petersburg Russia The Russian Academy Of Fine Arts Museum 2013

        You can also find Grzegorz Król's works among many public and private collections in Germany, Austria, Swiss, Italy, France, Sweden, Finland, Norway, USA, Canada, Japan and of course Poland.